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Rexouium Avatar - License update!

I have decided to make this added version to be as a licensed for commercial use where you will be permitted to use the files for any media commercially. As in creating animations, art, or games to sell with the avatar in a product. Still does not mean you may redistribute the files alone.
Examples are: making a game, making merchandice, printing 3D sculptings for others.

Don't worry if you been already using the avatar with recording videos like on Twitch, YouTube or other media and happen to get monetized with using the avatar. I already allowed that with the personal purchase.

Be sure this is very new to me and can be subject to change so just be warned on that. At the moment it what I find easiest way to permit anyone to want to use these files in a big product or commercialize as in merchandise.

If you have any questions on this feel free to ask me, Discord RezilloRyker#3830 or Twitter @RezilloArt

-small side note:
I plan to fix the new dynamics but also want to do more updates to the Rexouium fbx in general where I make separate pieces of mesh to make it far more easier to choose the options for personal edits. I may also change the eye materials so you can have different colored eyes.

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