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Rexouium is a made up species and the name meaning Rex=king and ouium=Care taker․ They are the king care takers of their world․ They are rather tall species usually reaching to 7ft tall. They know how to climb well and got strong legs for speed and jumping.

if you have any questions or require assistance, you can message me on Twitter @RezilloArt

Try the public VRChat avatar for free here:

Public VRC Rexouium MalePublic VRC Rexouium Female

Basic explaining video

Rexouium Canis Basics Info & FaQ

or join our discord with this link:

Rexouria Discord

Added with new Avatar 3.0 features!

Keep in mind, I may make updates. I will announce in the discord when I make updates. Any updates I do you will be able to re-download with the changes and extra I add to the files so don't worry about having to re-buy anything. I like to provide changes and updates to everyone that already bought it.

((((This is not refundable))))
You are buying a digital copy; therefore, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back. I am giving this warning before anyone buys and then asks for a refund for any reason. However, let me know if the files will not load or have errors then I can look into it so you still can enjoy the avatar when you did pay me for it. I can refund if there nothing left to do.

((Please keep your email as well.))
I can resend any receipts if you ever lost it in the email or lost your Gumroad account the avatar was attached to.


I made a YouTube video explaining all the features that is for VRChat

Rexouium VRChat 3.0 explination

-VRSDK3 package is setup for avatar 3.0 still with similar gestures and with lot of new expressions and controls:

-ears, tail, mouth, tongue, mouth, toes can be controlled

-Dynamics on whiskers, ears, feathers, and tail

-Original made Visemes and blendshapes for full range of lip syncs and expressions

-extra toe bones

-extra bones in tongue

-Emission textures

-VRChat Quest optimized thanks to Craziux
      -Has a fallback version that you can use.

-All source files

-female blendshapes

-muscle normal map and body shaping blendshapes

-optimized version to keep performance down inside VRChat

-VRM format for programs like LIV on steam or VSeeFace (face tracking)

I am not providing the SDK so be sure to import those in your latest Unity before importing the Unity package of the avatar.

Unity version used for VRChat: Unity 2019.4.31f1

I don't provide Beat saber files so here link to the Beat saber discord that may help provide the SDK for the Beat saber Unity package of the avatar.

Beat saber modding group:

Beat Saber Mod Discord

I where to find VRM SDK


How to turn it to VRM website:

if you like farther customizing for Avatar 3.0 here is a few useful links that provide more explination and help on learning how to do that:

avatar 3.0 tutorial

Avatar 3.0 Doc

VRChat Basic Avatars 3 Guide

YouTube: Basic VRChat Avatar tutorial

((If having trouble with snapping into the new FBT on 3.0 go into properties of VRChat inside Steam and put this command in Launch command: "--legacy-fbt-calibrate"))


Thanks to the help from Phauxelate for creating the latest package for ChilloutVR

To get their content creation kit CCK it is linked here:


If you get an error to upload try changing in options Upload Region: to Europe if the USA one doesn't work.

You must use Unity 2019.4.13f1 and it is advisable to get Unity Hub or it will corrupt your 2018 unity version as it replaces some files that attached to that Unity version.

also uses Will Hong Dynamic bones and be sure to put in the CCK before opening the scene.


Upon purchase, you are free to edit them however you like.

-Do not resell or share the assets (commissioning for edits are fine as long as each party owns it)

However I respectfully ask,

-Don't do None safe for work

-Keeping credit to the creator.

-You are allowed to make the avatar set to public on VRChat, Please share the link to this page and to the Discord if you do so.

I am not responsible for any misuse to the model or not following TOS with any platform rules.

Buy this

You get: Unity package, substance paint files version (2020) and Krita files, Maya 2020 scene, and blender files


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Rexouium Avatar

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