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Cervus Durr

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Cervus means deer in Latin. This is a deer model created to work originally in VRChat and all the files to use the model in any other media you wish.

The discord server for questions and help.
Link to our Discord server:

Rexouria Discord

Try the public VRChat avatar for free here:

Public VRC Cervus Deer


-Rig ready for VRChat with Unity packages having it already to go.

-Full body rig tested in VRChat

-Body options including female and Limb options

-Rig option for digi ankle bending legs

(thanks to DragonSkyRunner for making tutorial for it)


digi leg tutorial

(Basic Unity and uploading to VRChat knowledge is required.)

With the planned updates, don’t worry about having to rebuy as I just charge once for the avatar and you get the updates for free when you own it on Gumroad or keep the email after purchased.

((((This is not refundable)))) You are buying a digital copy; therefore, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back. I am giving this warning before anyone buys and then asks for a refund for any reason. However, let me know if the files will not load or have errors then I can look into it so you still can enjoy the avatar when you did pay me for it. I can refund if there nothing left to do.

((Please keep your email as well.)) I can resend any receipts if you ever lost it in the email or lost your Gumroad account the avatar was attached to.

(Please read the ReadMe file for more info.)


Upon purchase, you are free to edit them however you like.

-Do not resell or share the assets (commissioning for edits are fine as long as each party owns it)

However, I respectfully ask,

-Don't do None safe for work

-Keeping credit to the creator.

-You are allowed to make the avatar set to public on VRChat, Please share the link to this page and to the Discord if you do so.

I am not responsible for any misuse to the model or not following TOS with any platform rules.

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You get the deer avatar Unity package, the fbx and textures


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Cervus Durr

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