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Canis means dog in latin. This is general canine avatar I have made that has a lot of customizing sliders and built for in mind for anyone to make about any cute canine species or even other species that one may like to change to. Example you can create the neck to be more arched/feral and widen the nose and body to fit more like a Hyena.

Try the avatar for free in VRChat here:

Public VRC Canis Digi

Public VRC Canis Planti

Basic explaining video

Rexouium Canis Basics Info & FaQ

Link to our Discord server:

Rexouria Discord


-Full setup rig ready for VRChat and VRM formats with Unity packages having it already to go.

-Full body rig

-Digigrade legs with controllable ankles with sliders to control how much bend

-Over 200 blendshapes for many sliders to customize face and body shape including female shape.

-Prepared face expressions and animations with many blendshapes to create nearly any expression.

-VRChat Quest compatible (To be clear, not well optimized and will be very poor)
      -meaning by default everyone won't be able to see you unless showing avatar

-Toned muscles normal maps and blendshapes for bulking out the muslces

-7 premade Fur body textures; German Shepherd, African Wild dog, Hyena, White wolf, Grey, wolf, Golden Retriever, Yellow Fox

-comes with plantigrade as well

-MMD blendshapes

-Source files

There are planned updates and don’t worry about having to re-buy as I just charge once for the avatars and you get the updates for free when you own it on Gumroad.

((((This is not refundable))))

You are buying a digital copy; therefore, you cannot physically give the product back to fairly get your money back. I am giving this warning before anyone buys and then asks for a refund for any reason. However, let me know if the files will not load or have errors then I can look into it so you still can enjoy the avatar when you did pay me for it. I can refund if there nothing left to do.

((Please keep your email as well.))

I can resend any receipts if you ever lost it in the email or lost your Gumroad account the avatar was attached to.

I am not providing the SDK so make sure you get latest VRC SDK.

Unity version used for VRChat: Unity 2019.4.31f1

I don't provide Beat saber files so here link to the Beat saber discord that may help provide the SDK for the Beat saber Unity package of the avatar.

Beat saber Discord modding group:

Beat saber mods

where to find VRM SDK

I used UniVRM-0.62.0_0b7f version of SDK

VRM Github

How to turn it to VRM website:

VRM docs

if you like farther customizing for Avatar 3.0 here is a few useful links that provide more explination and help on learning how to do that:

avatar 3.0 tutorial

avatar 3.0 tutorial doc

VRChat Basic Avatars 3 Guide

YouTube Avatar Tutorial

((If having trouble with snapping into the new FBT on 3.0 go into properties of VRChat inside Steam and put this command in Launch command: "--legacy-fbt-calibrate"))

Where are the dynamics:

VRChat unity package latest update has the new Physbones and even got toe animation to curl with foot rotation
Special thanks to DragonSkyRunner for inspiring the means of physbone triggers and receivers to control the animations.

Special little thanks to Hiyu in VRChat for making nice lighting in his world that I simply used to take nicely lit pictures :)


Upon purchase, you are free to edit them however you like.
-Do not resell or share the assets (commissioning for edits are fine as long as each party owns it)

However I respectfully ask,

-Don't do None safe for work

-Keeping credit to the creator.

-You are allowed to make the avatar set to public on VRChat, Please share the link to this page and to the Discord if you do so.

I am not responsible for any misuse to the model or not following TOS with any platform rules.

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Files you get: CanineRez_UnityVRC, CanineRez_UnityVRM, Blender for VRChat or normal rigs, Substance Painter 2020 files, Gimp, Maya 2016, FBX


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Canis Woof

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